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Crusader Madness

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The IHM Boosters are once again running the “Crusader Madness” fundraiser for the upcoming NCAA Basketball Tournament.  We are selling tournament squares in a split the pot format with a 50% payout going to the winners.  Unlike a traditional split the pot game with only one winner, with Crusader Madness there will be hundreds of winners.  

This year we are offering boards at $20 per square.   Each board has 100 squares, and each board will result in 63 different winning combinations. 


Bonus Raffle - Buy 5 squares and you are entered into a separate prize raffle.



  • Each Board will include 100 squares.   There will be boards available at $20 per square.  50% of the funds collected will be distributed to prize payouts, and 50% of the funds collected will go to the IHM booster fundraising efforts.

  • Squares will be randomly drawn prior to March 21, 2019.

  • Completed boards will be distributed to all participants via e-mail by 10:00 AM EST on Thursday March 21, 2019

  • Sixty-Three (63) prizes will be awarded for each of the 100 square game boards.

  • Each winner will be determined by the official FINAL game score.

  • If an individual board does not contain 100 sold squares by March 21, 2019, IHM Boosters reserves the right to either return the money paid to all participants on that board, or move participants to another board. 

  • The 4 play in games will not be included in Crusader Madness and prize money will not be distributed for these games.