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Cogan Scholarship Award

Since 1998, the Immaculate Heart of Mary Athletic Booster Organization honors a 7th Grade boy and girl with the Cogan Scholarship Award.  Pat Cogan was an active supporter of IHM Boosters from its beginnings until he passed away in 1991.  This award is given to an IHM day school 7th grade boy and girl, who best exemplify the qualities of Christian student athlete at our school.  Qualities such as scholarship, leadership, attitude, ability, stewardship and sportsmanship are considered by each of their teachers, as well as by each coach they have played for in the past year.  If a student athlete has a parent as a teacher or coach, another adult is asked to rate him or her.  The scores are submitted to a Booster Board member who does not have a child in the grade.

The Cogan Scholarship Award pays for a total of 50% of the tuition at IHM in 8th grade for each gender’s winner(s).  If two or more students of the same gender receive the same overall rating, those individuals will split the 50% tuition prize allocated for that gender. The name(s) of the winner(s) will also be placed on the plaque located by the gym, and each winner also receives an individual plaque with a symbol of the sport of their choosing.


Previous Winners

Year Boys Girls
1998 Evan Dreyer Laura Hart
1999 Kevin Huber Erin Gartner
2000 Danny Foti Erin Ritter
2001 Eddie McHale Amanda Zofkie
2002 Joe Zerhusen Molly Starr
2003 Andrew Thole Katie Berno
2004 Steven Imholt Kate Blatt
2005 Chris Logeman Christie Pettit
2006 Drew Bolubasz Kelly Ionna
2007 Danny Schmidt Kristen Vonderbrink
2008 Kevin Milligan Kate Gorman
2009 Gannon McHugh Elise Whitesell
2010 Sam Connaughton Michelle Hollenkamp
2011 Connor Higgins Sarah Tippenhauer
2012 Jake Martella Abby Connaughton
2013 James Sherlock Abby Kelly
2014 Daniel English Megan Mahon
2015 Michael Parks Katie Kelly
2016 Matthew Devine Lucy Lawler
2017 Alex Jones

Lauren Kuhlman

2018 Jackson Goshorn

Natalie Hein

2019 Andrew Weber

Calla Garretson

2021 Brayden Dee Allison Runte