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Schroeder Scholarship Award

Since 2001, the Immaculate Heart of Mary Athletic Booster Organization honors an 8th grade boy and girl with the Schroeder Scholarship Award.  Father William Schroeder was Pastor at IHM from 1972-1984 and helped shepherd Boosters during our early days as an organization.  This award is given to an IHM day school 8th grade boy and girl, who best exemplify the qualities of a Christian student athlete at our school.  Qualities such as scholarship, leadership, attitude, ability, stewardship, and sportsmanship are considered by each of their teachers, as well as by each coach they played for in the past year.  If a student athlete has a parent as a teacher or coach, another adult is asked to rate him or her.  The scores are submitted to a Booster Board member who does not have a child in the grade.

The Schroeder Scholarship Award includes $1,000 towards tuition at a Catholic high school the following year.  The winner's name is also placed on the plaque located by the gym, and will also receive an individual plaque with a symbol of the sport of their choosing.


Previous Winners

Year Boy Girl
2001 Danny Foti Meghan Sherman
2002 Matt Suellentrop Jackie Ionna
2003 Daniel Vorderbrueggen Amy Walla
2004 Jonathon McHale Katie Kortekamp
2005 Michael Staubach Jessica Danker
2006 Kenny Shields Christie Pettit
2007 Justin Hebeler Rebecca Weisshaar
2008 Grady Schmidt Taylor Roberts
2009 Stefan Games Maggie Kent
2010 Brandon Cook Mackenzie Corbin
2011 Elliott Higgins Megan Shaffer
2012 Matthew Cornell Sarah Tippenhauer
2013 Zach Woodke Cate Massa
2014 Christopher Kahle Abby Kelly
2015 Daniel English Eva Tombragel
2016 Brian Reed
Steven Tippenhauer
Marci Jones
2017 Alex Stewart Lucy Lawler
2018 Ryan Nolan Kennedy Dalton
2019 Jackson Goshorn

Karleen Leibreich

2021 Eric Reinhart

Isabel Holte